Trapped by Unicorn_Lady
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A/N: Response to the 100 word “You’ve Got To Be Kidding me!” challenge in WIKTT. Prequel fic to my
challenge response to the 100 word Mirror of Erised called Proposal. It\'s a good idea to read that one first,
but not necessary, I think. I might do more 100 word challenges and create a whole story, each chapter
100 words long. What do you think? Let me know!

The door slammed right behind her. A small torch flared to life, giving the room an eerie glow.

Her eyes opened wide as she realized she was inside a dusty storage closet.

Her mind turned to the events that led her to this place.

Severus entered the office, nodding to his assistant. She smiled in return.

He then asked her if she could retrieve a book he forgot inside an empty classroom five doors down.

That\'s how she came back to the present. Facing the door, she tried turning the handle with no luck.

\"You\'ve got to be kidding me!\"