The Dark Faerie and The Guardian\'s by Fire
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Chapter 5: Albus Appears


   “ What’s taking them so long?” Godric asked.


April looked at her brother.


   “ They’ve got a lot to talk about,” she told him. “ I know I would.”


Godric gave her a strange look, which made her explain.


   “ Our mother has just battled a dark creature. One that I’m sure isn’t even in the books. If I’m right about this, and I always am. I think that the reason why this creature is probably not in any books is because it was created. Voldemort wasn’t in any of the books because he had created that look himself. I think the witch that did this used the same exact spells that Voldemort used to become what she is.”


   “ But where almost exactly like she is,” Raven suggested.


She looked at her sister.


   “ There is a big difference between being born that way and doing something freaky to yourself!” April said. “ Now if you don’t mind I’m going to find out where our mother’s at.”


            She turned in the direction of where her mother had gone when she slammed into something hard and solid. She fell down and at once Raven and Godric was next to her. She looked around, but saw no one.


  “ What happened?” Raven asked her.


   “ I don’t know,” April answered, looking confused.


She felt around until she felt the edge of a cloak. This made April smile. The only person that she knew that had an invisibility cloak was Albus. She pulled it off and sure enough Albus was under it. He smiled up at them, but April could tell that he was worried.


   “ Albus what-.”


   “ ALBUS ARTHUR SNAPE WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING HERE AND HOW DID YOU GET HERE?” came a booming voice that meant that Hermione had returned.


The Headmaster looked confused.


   “ I’m sorry, mum,” Albus said, getting up. “ But I sensed that you were calling me and I became trapped. When I finally came around I saw that I was all alone. I looked for you everywhere, but-.”


He trailed off as tears welled up. Hermione’s eyes softened and she ran over and hugged him.


   “ That’s all right,” she told him. “ As long as your safe.”


   “ Mum, I saw that creature,” he told her. “ She was talking to someone, I don’t know who. She talked about killing us all.”


Hermione looked down at him.


   “ And where is she?”


Albus shrugged his shoulders.


   “ I don’t know,” he answered. “ Mum, what’s going on here?”


   “ I’ve got no idea, son. I’ve got no idea.”



            Several hours later Hermione crashed onto a bed that the Headmaster had provided for her. She had never had a more trying day in all her life. What hurt the most was the fact that once again the youngest of all was about to become a victim.