The Dark Faerie and The Guardian\'s by Fire
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Chapter 4: Explaining Things.


            Hermione knew that leaving her children and Sirius alone in the Great Hall with the rest of the students wasn’t exactly the best idea, but she didn’t want to worry them. She knew what panic could do to a person, since she had experience with being friends with Harry Potter. She followed Professor Dumbledore into a room that she knew would be used during Harry’s fourth year. Professor Dumbledore closed the door and turned to Hermione.


   “ I’m hoping you can explain things, Mrs.-“


   “ Snape,” Hermione finished.


That got Dumbledore’s attention. Hermione knew that she would have to explain things, but not too much.


   “ Professor,” Hermione started, hoping that she could explain things to the best of her ability. “ I know that what I’m going to tell you is going to be hard to believe, but you’ve got to hear me out. Sometime ago, at least from where I come from a horrible creature came to terrorize Professor Trelawney. She escaped and informed my husband, who takes over as Headmaster. I thought it was a joke when he told me until I was told that this monster is very real. She attacked me!”


   “ And why would she do that?”


Hermione sighed.


   “ I don’t know, but something she said makes me-“


She stopped, her face white.


   “ What’s wrong?”


   “ Oh dear gods, its Pansy.”


   “ As in Parkinson.”


Hermione nodded.


   “ She blamed me and my husband for the fact that she didn’t have any magical children,” Hermione said. “ Oh god, Severus is in great danger!”


   “ What do you mean?”


She gave him a hard look.


   “ Professor, if me and my children are here, then Pansy is here,” Hermione said coldly. “ And I know that she’ll tell the Pansy here what me and my husband supposedly did to her and her husband. And even though me and you know that her claim is impossible, Pansy will believe it, and she’ll seek her revenge.”


Dumbledore at once understood.


   “ Professor, I need to stay here and my children need to stay here,” she told him. “ And I know that the power that my children have will be enough to stop her.”


   “ And what if it isn’t?” he asked her, worry in his voice.


Hermione said nothing.


Thanks Amanda for your wonderful review. Also, I looked to make sure that Sybil was alive, and I must have missed it. Anyway, where Hermione and her children are at, she’s still alive.