The Dark Faerie and The Guardian\'s by Fire
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Chapter 2: The Attack

Chapter 3: Hermione’s Surprise


   “ What happened?” asked a voice as the darkness ended and reality started.


            Hermione slowly looked around to see that they were exactly where they where at, except that there was no Professor Thompson standing behind his desk. Hermione noticed that there was hardly anything that told her that a Potions teacher even was here. Hermione at once counted heads. Godric, Raven, Will, April, John, and Tormund were all standing there, but so was Sirius. It seemed that he had been the one to ask the question.


   “ What’s going on here, mum?” April asked.


   “ I’ve got no idea,” Hermione answered. “ But I need to speak to your father.”


   “ And what about me?” Sirius asked, looking a little hurt that she didn’t care for him.


Hermione looked at him.


   “ Look, I care about all the students, doesn’t matter what house their in,” she told him. “ But he was the one that was told by Sybil that this creature was here. We all saw it and I’ve got to tell him, to let him know that this creature attacked us.”


   “ And he’ll know what to do?” Raven asked her mother.


Hermione nodded, but she wasn’t really that sure.


            All eight of them left the office and headed up the stairs. The sound of students at once surrounded them and Hermione knew that dinner was going on, which seemed strange to her. She knew that dinner had ended a long time ago. She had just reached the doors when she heard a voice, a voice that she had only heard from one person, and it wasn’t her husband.


   “ As you all know after their search of the Hogwarts Express, our school is playing host to some of the dementors of Azkaban, who is here on Ministry of Magic business.”


   “ Dementors!”  April muttered. “ What’s going on here?”


   “ I don’t know,” Hermione answered. “ But I’m going to find out.”


            She slowly opened the door and looked in, which at once brought silence. Hermione, however, didn’t care. She was use to people not speaking or stopping when she entered a room. She walked between the Gryffindor and Slytherin table, not looking at the student, but the source of the voice. She reached the staff table and took one look at the Headmaster and fainted.




   “ What did you do to our mum?” Godric asked, his eyes flashing in anger.


   “ We didn’t do anything,” said one of the Professors. “ She just looked at Professor Dumbledore and fainted.”


   “ Ya right!” he snapped, not caring if his brothers and sisters were staring at him. “ Everyone knows that-“


   “ Will you be quiet,” Will snapped, losing his temper with his brother. “ She’s waking up.”


            Hermione let out a little moan as she opened her eyes. She had heard Godric yelling at someone and Will demanding that he be quite. She felt like smirking at that. She slowly rose up, but a pair of hands forced her down. She knew at once that these belonged to Madam Pomfrey.


   “ Your going up to the hospital wing,” she told her. “ And I don’t care who you say you are, that’s my final word.”


Hermione laughed, she couldn’t help it.


   “ That’s all right,” she told her. “ I can heal myself.”


            She slowly got up, being helped by Will and Godric. She muttered a few words and at once she looked like her old self. She gave them both a look that told them that she could now stand on her own. Sirius stared at her, shocked. He had heard that her magic was great, but he had never seen it before.


   “ Professor, how do you do that?” he asked, not caring that people where staring at his Transfiguration teacher.


Hermione grinned at him. She liked him, like she had liked his father.


   “ A lot of practice,” she answered.


   “ I believe that!” Godric muttered.


            She turned and looked at her son, then turned and looked at the Headmaster. It was strange seeing him alive, but that all disappeared when she suddenly remembered the creature that had tried to kill her, to take her away from her family. She suddenly felt like Lily Potter, except that she had survived the attack. She shivered slightly at the image the monster had given her. Raven at once noticed this.


   “ Are you all right?” she asked her mother.


Hermione smiled at her.


   “ I’ll be fine, dear,” she answered, and then she turned back to the Headmaster. “ We need to talk, Professor.”


Dumbledore nodded.