The Dark Faerie and The Guardian\'s by Fire
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Chapter 2: The Attack

Chapter 2: The Attack


            Hermione thought hard about what Lee had told her. She didn’t like Divination or the people called themselves Seers, but then again, her son was a Seer, so she couldn’t write to Lavender and tells her what she thought of her and her prediction. She was still thinking over all this when Godric entered her office.


   “ Mum,” he called out.


Hermione looked up.


   “ What’s wrong?” she asked him.


Godric sighed.


   “ I’m worried about you!” he told her. “ All of my brothers and sisters are worried about you!”


It was Hermione’s turn to sigh.


   “ I know,” she told him, her eyes softening as they always did when Godric was around. “ I just have a lot of things on my mind, that’s all.”


Godric looked at his mother. He had never seen her like this, not in all the time that he had been around her.


   “ Is it something that’s going to hurt us?” he asked.


Hermione stared at him, but he laughed.


   “ Remember I’m a seer.”


Hermione at once wished that he wasn’t.



   “ Something bothering you, my boy?” asked the ghost of Professor Dumbledore when Godric left his Head’s office.


He turned and glared at the ghost of the former Headmaster. He laughed.


   “ Does anything not get by you?” he asked.


Dumbledore laughed again.


   “ Not much,” he stated. “ So want to talk about it?”


Godric sighed.


   “ My mum isn’t herself,” he told him. “ And I don’t know what to do.”


Dumbledore looked at him.


   “ Hermione is a complicated witch, like your father is a complicated wizard,” he explained. “ I knew them both when they were at school and I must admit that with being the Head of your house, the Transfiguration teacher, and a Fairy Queen, she has a lot of things on her mind. So any idea what it might be?”


Godric shook his head.


   “ I don’t know and that’s what I’m afraid of.”


And he turned and left.


            Later that night Hermione was tucking in her children when she felt like she was being watched. She turned at once and saw that it was Remus’s son. She looked at him, but he just looked at his shoes.


   “ I got detention from the Headmaster,” he informed her.


Hermione crossed her arms.


   “ And what do you want me to do?” she asked him.


He shrugged his shoulders.


   “ Follow me,” she said, sighing.


            He followed her out of her quarters and down the hall to her husband’s old office. Professor Thompson was busy looking over essays when they entered. He frowned at Sirius, but said nothing.


   “ Give him some cauldrons to clean,” she ordered. “ I want to go to bed.”


He nodded, but suddenly both Sirius and Professor Thompson gasped. Hermione turned around and she felt as though her whole world had ended. Standing there was a tall figure, which looked like something out of a horror film. She smiled at them, allowing her huge wings to fill the doorway.


   “ How are things going, Mrs. Snape?” she asked, grinning.


Hermione looked at her.


   “ What are you?”


The creature laughed.


   “ And I though that the wife of Professor Severus Snape would have more of a comeback,” she told her. “ I thought that you would be asking my name and everything. I’m shocked that I’m not that important.”


Hermione glared at her.


   “ Professor Trelawney thought I was quite a sight,” she confessed. “ And I must admit that she did disappoint me.”


   “ You’re the-.”


   “ I’m the what?” the creature asked. “ Don’t you even know who I am?”


Hermione shook her head.


   “ You robbed me of a magical child,” she said. “ And now I’m going to take your children away. But, first, I’m going to take Severus wife away from him.”


   “ I don’t think so!” Sirius said, putting himself between Hermione and the creature.


The creature laughed.


   “ You think that you can stop me,” she told him. “ I would like to see a filthy werewolf son try and stop me.”


   “ You leave him alone,” Hermione said, getting angry. “ Whatever is between you and me, will remain between you and me.”


The creature smiled at her.


   “ I must admit that you’ve always been the one that has wanted to bring out the best in people,” she said. “ I mean; that’s why you saved your husband from a horrible life in Azkaban. But I must admit that while I was gone, your family as grown. Now I’m sure that no one around here wants that to continue.”


Hermione heard the Professor rise, and she raised her hand to stop him. She didn’t want him to get hurt or Sirius.


   “ Why don’t we talk outside,” Hermione suggested.


The creature laughed, which gave Hermione a bad feeling that she knew that Hermione had something planned.


   “ I don’t think so,” she said. “ I think that I’m going to kill you right here. The filthy creature can tell your dear Headmaster husband that his dearly departed wife is gone.”


            Hermione at once sent out a mental message, which got the creatures attention. That’s when Hermione knew that there was a good chance that this thing could read people’s minds. She at once decided that she was going to put up a fight until someone came for her. She at once changed into her form, which shocked Sirius and the Professor. She decided that she would deal with that later. She raised her staff to defend herself.


   “ Well it looks like the dear Queen wants a fight,” she said, her voice filled with mirth. “ And I’m not the one to deny a person what they want.”


            Hermione at once knew she was ready. She focused her magic and right before the spell was complete all her children came in. Godric shot a blast of white light at her, which made her duck. However, most of the world went black for Hermione and those around her.