The Dark Faerie and The Guardian\'s by Fire
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The Dark Faerie and The Guardians.


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Chapter 1: The New Prophecy


            Professor Trelawney, the Divinations teacher sat in her office drinking her tea when she heard something. She looked around, but saw no one. Thinking that it had been her imagination she returned to her tea.


   " Hello, Sybil," said a voice behind her.


            Sybil turned to see the most horrible sight in the world. A tall woman dressed in black and red with huge bat-like wings. Her eyes glowed with something that she had never felt or seen before. She felt fear flooding her body, which only seem to please the creature.


   " It\'s nice to see that you fear me, Sybil. I want that."


   " What do you want?" Sybil asked her.


The creature laughed.


   " I want to payback the Snape\'s for what they did to me and your going to be the perfect person to insure that happens."


She laughed again.


   " I\'ll never help you out!" she stated.


The creature’s eyes danced with amusement.


   " Oh I\'m afraid that you\'ll have no choice, unless you want to die a slow death."


            She raised her hand up and suddenly the creatures nails, which Sybil hadn\'t noticed before became long claws. She shivered, but remained determined. This made the creature angry, not pleased.


" Oh why must you stinking Gryffindores act brave?" she asked her.


Sybil smiled.


   " Because that\'s what we do," she answered.


            The creature roared with rage, but this pleased Sybil. It gave her the determination to face her. She looked at her like she was a student, not something to be feared. Finally the creature laughed and looked down at her.


   " I\'ve got an idea," she told the professor.


   " And what might that be?" she asked.


The creature gave her a look.


   " I\'m not going to tell you!" she snapped.


   " Well, then, I\'ve got to report this," she told her.


And with a snap of her finger Professor Trelawney disappeared, leaving a very angry creature behind.



            Headmaster Snape was busy looking over pay raises when Professor Trelawney appeared looking upset. She at once sat down, which at one time would have annoyed him, but now he was use to.


   " What\'s wrong, Sybil?" he asked, his eyes twinkling in amusement. " You flashed someone and they died."


She glared at him, but he laughed.


   " I\'m sorry I couldn\'t resist."


   " Oh ha ha," she snapped. " If you want to know the most horrible creature appeared in my office. I only managed to get away."


He grinned at her.


   " Oh don\'t tell me, it was someone that wanted a refund on a bad prediction," he answered. " Oh wait you can\'t make a prediction."


Professor Trelawney jumped up, glaring at him.


   " For you information this creature wants to kill you and your family."


And she left.


   " What\'s wrong dear?" Hermione Snape, the Transfiguration teacher, Head of Slytherin house, and Queen of the Fairies, asked.


Severus looked up at her.


   " It seems that something wants to hurt us," he told her. He didn\'t want to tell her that Sybil had said kill instead of hurt. " I don\'t know if she\'s right or has been breathing that fumes too long."


Hermione gave him a strange look. He knew that she really didn\'t care for Professor Trelawney and her predictions.


   " And what does she want us to do?" she asked him.


   " I don\'t know," Severus answered.


            The next day Severus watched the students file into the Great Hall. He looked with pride as he watch Godric sit at the Slytherin table while the rest of his children went to the other tables. This year his next to final child was being sorted. Something that they were both pleased about.


He looked over at the Gryffindor table at the four: Raven, Will, Charlie, and April, waiting for the sorting to start, at the Hufflepuff table where their only adopted daughter, Michaeli, sat with Cornelia, and at the Ravenclaw table where Irma, John, and his twin son’s Robert and Tormund. Godric, Raven, and Cornelia were in their sixth year, Will, Irma, and Michaeli where in their fifth year, Charlie and April where in their fourth year, John was in his third year, and Robert and Tormund was in their second year.


   “  So do you think that Albus will get into Slytherin?” asked his flying instructor, Harry.


Severus turned to him.


   “ I don’t know,” he admitted. “ And I don’t care!”


Harry looked at his boss. He never thought he would see the day that Severus Snape didn’t care where his children went. He opened his mouth to speak when the doors opened and the first-years walked into the Great Hall.



   “ Look at all those fools,” the creature told her servant. “ Looking all happy and everything. Makes me sick!”


Her servant grinned.


   “ What is your plan, my mistress?” he asked her.


She laughed as Albus was placed into Ravenclaw.


   “ I’m going to make the Queen of the Fairies rule the day that she fooled with me,” she told him. “ And that will be soon.”


The servant said nothing.


            Later that night an owl arrived with a letter for Hermione. When she opened it she saw that it was from Professor Trelawney. She read it and looked at her husband in shock.


   “ What’s wrong?” he asked.


Hermione bit her lip.


   “ The Professor has left,” she informed him.


He rose up.


   “ What?”


Hermione nodded.


   “ She said that she won’t return until the creature is caught,” she read. “ And she doesn’t care what the students think of her. Oh, Severus, what is Godric going to do about his Divination lesson.”


Severus sighed.


   “ I don’t know!” he answered.


            The next morning Hermione visited Fairyland, the only place that she felt like she could figure things out. She wanted to know more about the creature that caused her to lose her Divination teacher. She walked along the wonderful halls, wishing that the world were like this. When she entered she saw her advisor looking things over in one of the many books that lined the walls. He turned and bowed when she entered.


   “ So what’s going on here?” she asked him.


   “ I’ve been sensing something,” he told her, a look of concern on his face. “ And I’m afraid that it’s not pretty.”


Hermione frowned at him.


   “ And what is it?” she asked him.


   “ A dark creature, one that I believe was once a human person, as invaded your world,” he to her. “ I don’t understand how this is possible.”


            Hermione thought this over. She knew that it was impossible for such a thing to happen, but she knew that her advisor would never lie to her. If this creature were the same one that Professor Trelawney saw, then it would explain why she believed that this creature wanted to hurt her and her family.


   “ Any idea where this creature came from?” Hermione asked him.


He sighed.


   “ I’ve got no idea!” he answered.


            When Hermione returned to the castle, she was back in her human form and upset. She had tried to figure this all out, but came back with nothing. On Saturday Albus told his parents all about what his first week of classes were like.


   “ Professor White is a great Herbology teacher!” he told them. “ We learned about the Devil Snare.”


Hermione grinned at that.


   “ And what about my lessons?” Hermione asked.


Her son grinned at her.


   “ You’re a great teacher too,” he told her.


            The next morning an owl delivered the mail, dropping it on the table. He had no sooner left, that Godric walked in. He sneered when he saw that it was from Professor Trelawney. He hadn’t forgiven her for leaving like that. He picked up the mail and going over to his parent’s bedroom he shoved the letters under the door.


   “ What in the world!” yelled his father a few minutes later.


            Godric backed away as his father rushed to the fireplace. He put floo powder in and poked his head in.


   “ Hermione, Ron’s done it again!” he told her.


   “ What has he done?”


   “ See for yourself,” he said, shoving a letter into the fireplace.


There was silence.


   “ I’m on it,” she told him.





Harry stared at her.


   “ What did he do?” Harry asked her.


She showed him the letter, which caused Harry’s eyes to widen.


   “ But, why would he do this?”


   “ How the hell should I know!” she stated. “ But, I’m going to get him for this.”


And she turned and left.


            For the next several weeks Hermione didn’t think about work, children, or anything. Just the idea of finally capturing Ron for the Aurors to take to Azkaban filled her thoughts. She wanted to make him pay for what he did to Luna. Luna hadn’t had anybody to be with her once she was divorced from Ron, which made her even madder then ever.


   “ Ron is a jerk!” Hermione hissed during Transfiguration.


            Remus’s son looked up at her. He had been sorted into Gryffindor, like his father. He had not been born with the gene that caused a person to become a werewolf, but Hermione knew how close it had been. Hermione looked at him, but didn’t say anymore. When the bell rang she told everyone to do the homework on the board, and they were allowed to leave. Ten minutes later Lee Jordan arrived. He looked upset about something and it didn’t take long for Hermione to find out.


   “ Lavender Brown had a vision!” he told her.


Hermione looked at her old friend.


   “ What are you talking about?” she asked him.


He took a deep breath and then said, “ Lavender told me that she saw six of your children defeating an evil creature. She said that it’s their destiny to defeat her and her evil forever.”


            Hermione glared at him. She knew what six he was talking about. Six of her children were born like she looked when she changed. The six had power over something. She had never told anyone about this, and had kept their secret by using spells.


   “ And why should I believe her?” Hermione asked him.


   “ Because you know that she tells the truth!” Lee stated, and left.