Sweet Surrender by witch
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Chapter 10: First Stirrings

Finally alone in his privet quarters, Severus tiredly slumped his tall body onto the sofa and, for the first time since the morning, let himself relax.

Only yesterday evening there didn’t seem to be one point which he had overlooked in his cunning plan of dark seduction. In fact, it was a fairly simple plan; dress up, seduce, get Hermione laid. Severus was more than sure of his future success. No doubt that an inexperienced school girl would seize the opportunity and surrender to a man’s welcoming embrace.

As Severus did not seek love in the relationship between his wife and himself, no complications were foretold.

But only now, starring unblinkingly at the wall, Severus understood the one thing that he forgot to consider before starting his ultimate attack.

The reaction of the rest of the school.

Especially the female part of it.

Severus Snape never considered himself a handsome man and his lack in looks were constantly proved by other people’s comments and attitudes towards him throughout his life. Such nicknames as \'slime-ball’, ‘greasy git’ and ‘overgrown bat’ unfortunately did not highlight in any way an ounce of his charming nature. Already early in his school days, Severus found that the easiest way to ignore the insults was to become the very representation of them, making himself quickly adapt to the image he was forced to wear.

Until today.

It seemed that every witch on school grounds was seeing Professor Severus Snape from a totally different side. And the various expressive looks shot towards his direction spoke volumes more than any words about what they thought of his new \'look\'. Severus, however, did not want to even think what other messages were periodically sent his way through long eyelashes.

No doubt the most challenging to be ignored would prove to be the shameless flirtations directed at him both in DADA and Potions classes today. Severus was so unused to being the centre of attention (especially that kind) that on one occasion he found himself unable to hide his blush when one of his DADA students challengingly crossed her legs and, as a result, flashed a generous view of her knickers to her Professors gaze.

For some reason, the slightly pink tinge upon Severus’ cheeks brought a satisfied smirk to the involved sixth year Ravenclaw girl. Right then he almost wished to have his greasy mated hair back.

Severus shot a look at the clock on the wall. Dinner should have already finished by now, meaning that his child wife would soon be joining him in his quarters.

As if on cue, Severus’ skin suddenly covered in goose bumps, informing him that his personal ward set upon the chamber entrance had been lifted. Except for himself, only one other person knew the combination.

Hermione Snape glided into the room without an acknowledgement to Severus\' presence. Severus\' eyes were firmly fixed upon her as she put a book she brought onto the single shelf in the room without even once glancing towards the sofa. With her back towards him, Hermione casually scanned the titles of the books before having her pick. Her face expressed immense boredom when she at last spared him a glance.

“Do you read anything else besides Potions? I have to say I am greatly disappointed that such a capable wizard as you will not indulge himself to a much more extensive range of reading, especially after being appointed to a Defense Against the Dark Arts position.”

Severus\' eyes instinctively narrowed at her tone.

“What I read and what I do is no concern of yours, Mrs. Snape,” he stated as calmly as possible. His plan would probably fly into the Dark Lords ass if he let his temper override reason. He much doubted that threats and shouts would win him access to his wife\'s body.

The witch carelessly shrugged.

“You are right, Professor. It’s just that I’m in an urgent search for a topic for my upcoming Defense class project,” she explained, looking idly into the book that she had picked up. The contents must have disgruntled her for she had placed it back on the shelf after a few flips of the pages.

“Granted, Mrs. Snape, the amount of precise information I expect from each student is substantial, but the task that I have set your class is not due until the end of term.”

Hermione gave him innocent eyes.

“But, Professor, I will be so far behind if I don\'t find the topic for my project today!” she exclaimed, but catching Snape\'s disbelieving look added;

“I have, of course, a preference, but I will need your permission to use the Restricted Section of the library for my research.” Now she looked smug.

Severus couldn\'t help but feel suspicion raising its head. It was quiet rare, if ever, a student asked him for personal permission to be allowed to use the Restricted Section. The fact that it was Hermione, part of the \'Golden Trio\', who asked him for that permission, was more than suspicious.

“And why should I do that? First I will need to know what it is that you want to research if it requires access to that particular part of the library,” Snape said sternly while arguing with himself whether such behaviour would distance his wife from him even more.

The young witch however looked at him like he was a moron.

“You are the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor who gave his seventh year students a homework task. As a result, the students are expected to research one topic concerning the Dark Arts in addition to exploring it in precise detail. Correct me if I am wrong, of course, but I personally did not find any Dark Arts books lying around the common section of the library.”

Severus felt his nostrils flaring in annoyance. Marriage or not the former Hermione Granger will forever stay the annoying know-it-all persona. That fact was almost enough to curse his plan in all four directions.


Taking a deep breath that barely did anything to calm his anger, Severus addressed his wife.

“Then may I at least know the nature of your project, Mrs. Snape?”

Hermione flushed at such, yet unaccustomed, address of her name. This however did not weaken her determination in the slightest, but only caused her to raise her chin higher in a silent, but stubborn, defiance.

“No, you may not.”

“Fine!” exploded Severus and he shot off from the sofa.

Hermione must have expected him to launch himself at her in anger for she violently jumped to her right with round frightened eyes. Severus, however had no such intention and instead disappeared into his bedroom.

In a few seconds he reappeared in the circular living room and thrust a parchment into Hermione\'s direction with the following words;

“Here\'s your damn permission, Miss Granger. Granting it I expect you to give me no less than twenty feet of parchment concerning your ‘mysterious’ project that you so thoroughly hide from me,” he hissed, watching as Hermione somehow managed to awkwardly catch the thrown parchment.

He then watched her open the parchment and scan its contents, as if making sure that everything was correctly written. For some reason, her satisfied nod only threw more oil into the fire that was Severus’ anger.

“Are you quiet satisfied, Miss Granger? If that is all, I hope you will have a nice evening.” Severus’ voice soundly dripped with sarcasm. Only a deaf person would have missed the dismissal in his words if ever there was one.

Hermione’s sudden happy smile, therefore, stupefied Severus.

“Thank you, Professor,” she replied in an almost sing song voice, “then I will be expecting to see you this evening as well.” But instead of turning towards the exit door, she made her way to her bedroom.

“Where do you think you are going?” Snape\'s cold voice stopped Hermione in her tracks, but did not quiet manage to wipe off her oddly satisfied smile.

“What do you mean ‘where’? These chambers are my living quarters now as well as yours, Professor. As a result this is the only place where I can properly prepare myself for the dance.”

“Dance? What dance?” demanded Severus, blinking in confusion.

The look that Hermione reserved for him now said that St. Mungo\'s cried for him.

“The Memorial Ball dance in addition to a banquette, sir.”

“A ‘Memorial Ball’?” Severus began to feel like a bloody parrot.

“Do you listen to anything that goes around the school, Professor Snape?” asked Hermione cautiously.

Severus felt scandalized.

“Who do you think I am, Miss Granger, some teenage girl whose hobby is to gaily listen to school gossip?!”

The Gryffindor hastily shook her head in denial.

“Of course not! I just wondered why you have missed the news of the day. The Headmistress decided to organize the dance in honour of the memory of Professor Dumbledore and everything he has given to the Magic and Muggle World...” Severus noticed that Hermione lost her dazzling smile somewhere among her words and her eyes strangely glistened in the candle light.

Against everything that Severus was raised to stand against he felt himself soften. To his inner alarm the girl started raising in him feelings that he believed to be long dead. For now, however, he brushed aside all of his doubts and just surrendered to that inferior feeling.

“Of course, I understand that this occasion is the least we can do for one of the greatest wizards who has ever lived...” Severus suddenly found himself in front of Hermione and brought his hand to her face in time to catch one lone crystal tear as it fell from her dark honeyed eyes.

“But you have to remember,” he continued in a hushed voice as the witch lifted her endlessly saddened eyes to him, “that our duty is to praise his life and not his fall; his endless love for everyone around him and not the bitterness of death.”

A somewhat weak smile appeared upon Hermione’s face at his words.

She surprised him by in return lifting her slender hand towards his face. Her touch was feather like, only enough for her finger tips to brush the hollow of his cheek. Even this mere contact, however, was enough for Severus’ breath to catch in his throat.

“I always knew you were clever, Professor, but never wise. It makes me wonder what else there is underneath this shell that you have built around yourself,” whispered Hermione before rising onto her tiptoes, bringing her face awfully close to his own.

Severus stared unblinkingly into the eyes of the beautiful young woman standing so close in front of him. He felt hypnotized by the sincerity that shone through her eyes. He felt dirty standing so near to someone so pure. He was worthless enough to not even be allowed in her presence, but he was too transfixed to move away.

He caught a hushed whisper break from her lips only a second before it happened.

“Who are you, Severus Snape?”

And their lips met.

Almost as feather like as Hermione’s previous touch, her lips made contact with his. But while their first kiss was a thing of practicality, this kiss took Severus’ breath away by its sheer sensuality. He never guessed that so many emotions could be passed by a mere touch of lips, but this is what was happening to him now. And former Hermione Granger, now his wife, was responsible for this.

Even though the young witch’s mouth was half open she did not use her tongue to deepen the kiss. All of her concentration went to her lips as she moved them against Severus’ own half opened mouth. Her hot breath deliciously tempted him, but against his nature, he let her take control. Unhurriedly, she gave him kisses at the corners of his mouth where she let her hot tongue momentary touch him. And when Severus began to feel exasperated, only then did she run her tongue among the length of his lower lip thus tearing a moan from his throat.

No matter how gentle Hermione was feeling, Severus began to feel anything but gentle. The soft press of her lips and the enticing smell of her hair caused his manhood to begin stirring to life. With a moan that he couldn’t contain anymore, he brought his hands upon her curvy hips and pushed her flush against him.

At first, Severus thought that it was his lustful moan that must have revived Hermione for the next moment she let herself go fully onto her feet, thus breaking the contact. The slight pink tinge upon her cheeks, however, informed him that she was pressed enough to the front of his body to feel how tight his black breeches became in the groin area.

Her embarrassment forced her to step away from Severus and he had nothing left to do but let his hands fall from her hips.

The look she cast him, however, was full of wonderment before she turned away and without another word walked away from him in the direction of her chamber.

And thus she left the most feared Professor of Hogwarts standing flabberstruck in the middle of the living room wondering if his “cunning” plan just mercilessly backfired.