Sweet Surrender by witch
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Nothing to say really. Just keep reading!

I can promise you one thing: the story gets more interesting as it goes on!


Chapter 2: Confession of Fate

The Great Hall stayed utterly silent and still even after Harry\'s outburst with the only exception that every jaw stayed open as both students and teachers alike looked from Harry and back to Snape. As it happened, Professor McGonagall, now the new Headmistress of Hogwarts, was the first person to get her senses back. With an air of authority she rose from her seat in the centre of the teachers’ table and furiously bellowed at Snape;

“How dare you-,” she was suddenly interrupted by a shriek that came from Hermione Granger. It appeared that Potter had had enough and with a speed that might have turned his Firebolt green with envy shot towards Snape. The ex-professor, who appeared to be in a visibly disheveled state and until now did not utter a sound, was taken by surprise. The next moment he found himself lying on the cold stone floor after Harry hit him in the face with deadly precision. It seemed that in a blinding fury Harry forgot the existence of a wand and magic and instead let out all the energy he kept bottled up till now through the means of the Muggle version of a duel.

He managed to hit Snape one more time before Professor McGonagall produced her wand and pointed it at Harry.

“Clearafendo!” she shouted.

As a result, Harry was thrown about a foot into the air, neatly landed onto the floor and skidded a few feet between the tables before coming to a halt. He stayed lying like that for a few more minutes, vainly trying to calm down but it did not help much. He still wanted to beat the son-of-a-slimy-viper to death.

With some effort, he finally raised himself from the floor and came face to face with a furious Professor McGonagall and with the faces matching hers behind her back. While Harry was overcoming the dizziness after his impressive fly, McGonagall had time to appear in the middle of the Great Hall with all the teachers trailing after her.

This time however, her fury was not directed at Harry.

“I demand all students to leave the Great Hall immediately. Prefects, would you be so kind as to escort the first years of your houses to their Common Rooms,” addressed the Headmistress to everyone present.
After seeing the identical expression on every teacher’s face the students eagerly responded to her order and in no time the Great Hall was left almost empty. Ron and Hermione visibly hesitated before the doors and stared at the still standing Harry whose eyes saw only the dirty cloaked man on the floor.

“There is no need to leave, Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley,” said McGonagall noticing their unwillingness to leave their friend alone. “To tell you the truth, I would prefer if both of you and Potter would stay here. I guess we have a matter to discuss and you have a lot to do with it.”

Hermione nodded at this and followed everyone’s example to look at the man still lying on the floor.

In her eyes he hadn’t changed much from the last time she saw him over three months ago. The same long hair the colour of a raven’s wing, white skin that had produced a lot of absurd suggestions in school that he was a vampire and the infamous hooked nose that possessed the habit of putting itself into other people’s business. He was still as tall and lean as before but much to Hermione’s confusion there was something that was not right with her former Professor.

At last Severus Snape spoke for the first time since he opened the Great Hall’s doors.

“A very warm welcome, Minerva, indeed it is.”

Even his contrasting velvety rasping voice and sarcastic tone stayed the same. Hermione could not see how he possessed the ability to stay so composed when she noted that blood issued from the cut in his brow and nose that had visibly swollen. Harry must have broken his nose.

“You get the welcome you deserve, Severus, but I am delighted to inform you that it has not yet finished. I bet that Azkaban would even throw a party for you,” answered McGonagall unsmiling.

roared Harry.

McGonagall only calmly looked back at Harry with a sad understanding in her eyes. The loss of Dumbledore had hurt her badly and she had an idea how Harry must have suffered after his death. But she could not let the killings continue, and the last thing they all needed was another murder in Hogwarts.

“No, Harry, neither you nor I, nor any of us will kill him. I think we have had enough killings for the past time. The murderer must get what he deserves and that is to live the rest if his miserable life without a hope for redemption and constant consciousness that his actions forever broke his life,” said the Headmistress and turned to Hagrid who was the closest teacher standing beside her.

“Hagrid, will you do us a favour and send an owl to the Minister with the news of an unexpected capture of another Death Eater and the murderer of Albus Dumbledore by the name of Severus Snape. The Ministry would be more than delighted to question him on certain topics,” she said emotionlessly ignoring Potter’s grimace of protest.

“I would be honoured to do jus’ that, Professor,” bellowed the half-giant and with a look of disgust at Snape turned towards the doors. He was about to cross the threshold when the voice of Severus Snape stopped him in his tracks.

“On your place, Professor Hagrid,” said he with sarcasm, never excepting the idea that Hagrid was chosen to become a teacher in Hogwarts almost four years ago. “I wouldn’t do such a thing as send an owl anywhere, lastly to the Ministry.”

Hagrid angrily turned back to face the man he once trusted.

“Nobody asked fer yer opinion, Snape. Jus’ lie where yeh are an’ accep’ the payment fer yer dark deeds. I jus’ hope that yeh follow the same path that yer Dark Lord does once he would be captured and destroyed forever,” he said with an anger that neither Harry, Ron or Hermione ever witnessed in their dear friend Hagrid. The image was both disturbing and scary.

Snape did not seem to notice Hagrid’s anger and humorlessly smiled back. For the first time since she met Snape six years ago, Hermione saw a sad expression cross his black eyes.

“You do not understand.”

Snape’s comment seemed to set Harry off into a frenzy again.


This time it was Hermione who stopped Harry from flying onto Snape with his fists again and, as a result of their collision, both of them fell onto the ground. Now the three of them, Snape, Hermione and Harry were lying on the ground and neither of them happy about the situation.

“That is enough, Potter! Hagrid, please resume your route to the school owlery if you will,” sternly ordered Professor McGonagall shooting a disapproved glance into Harry’s direction.

“I am telling you again! You-do-not-understand!” forcefully repeated Snape locking glances with the eyes full of hatred belonging to McGonagall.

“Well, I presume sentenced men are allowed to say their last word before the judges. If you want, Severus, blabber to us whatever you want for there is not one person in here that cares about your opinions and well being!”

Another sad shadow crossed Snape’s eyes as he looked at all the people present. At last he turned back to McGonagall and unblinkingly stared into her eyes for a whole minute before answering with a heavy sigh.
“You have to see, Minerva, that I am well aware that you and your company would stick me into Azkaban with no sense of regret or hesitation but, before you do it you have to understand that my sentence would not redeem or even avenge Albus’ death.”

McGonagall grimaced at the familiarity that the murderer talked about his victim, but decided to swallow her fury for now and tensely with indifference asked;

“And pray, why is that?”

Nobody present at this scene even guessed that the confession that followed would be the start of the events that would decide the fate of both the Wizard and the Muggle world.

“Because it was not I who killed Albus Dumbledore.”