Living in the Past made her Future by Nobbalee
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Severus Snape looked down at the photo before him for the one-hundredth time that night, he ignored the babbling students and teachers that were talking about pointless things, things that did not need talking about and things that were definitely not of his concern tonight.

Usually Severus Snape would not attend the opening feast, waist of time in his opinion, why would anyone want to make a big song and dance every time some eleven-year-old kid entered the school?

Snape on many “important” occasions such as this, would usually make him self comfortable in his chambers, but this time, this time it was different, he was going to see her for the first time in years, even if she was a corny ten-year-old and not the beautiful, sensitive, caring, loving, beautiful witch he fell in love with, yes that is right “ fell in love with, twenty five long years ago.

He picked his large coffee cup up in both hands and brought it to his lips, took a sip and still shaking, set it back down on the table along with the other many of cups of coffee he had consumed in the past hour.

“Severus, relax,” he herd a wise, kind, caring and just a tad bit worried voice to the left of him speak.

“Easy for you to say,” he grouched back looking into the twinkling eyes of Albus Dumbldore.

“Now, Severus don’t be mad, I know this is your first feast since you were a student your self here at Hogwarts, the staff are all wondering what possessed you to come out of your,” he cleared his throat, “cheery and delightful chambers to enjoy the new coming of students this fine year, but there is no need to be worried about it.”

“You old bat,” said Snape.

“Why thank you Severus, nice of you to comment, but my animagus form is that of a hawk not a bat, I will still give you points though, you guessed I had wings.” His eyes, if possible, were twinkling more than when Severus had first met the man.

“Oh, forgive me,” said Snape sarcastically, taring his eyes away from the headmasters ones.

Oh, how he wished he were staring into her warm, honey, brown eyes right this very moment.

Snape took another shaky sip from his coffee cup.

“Oh that is quite alright my friend,” said Dumbldore betraying a slight smile.

“Anyway, you know perfectly well that is not why I am worried,” Snape snapped
“Yes I know,” the twinkle in the headmaster’s kind eyes was burning out fast, too fast. “But think of it like this; only seven more years until you will see her and Tristen together just the way they were when they left.

“Seven more years,” Snape sighed. “You don’t know how much I miss them.”

“It must be hard having someone who is so important to you that you would to anything for them, snatched out of you life, only to be put back in eighteen years later,” his voice was kind and sympathetic.

Albus Dumbldore shifted his eyes to look at the empty plate before him, “and no,” he continued, “I’ll admit, I don’t know what it feels like to be in your situation, but I have lost loved ones, and, I know, it does rip out your heart, but you do realise that she had to go back to her own time, heck, she’s probably married to you with six children, including Tristen, cant forget Tristen, delightful little thing he is.”

Severus had to choke down a laugh at the headmaster’s last comment about being married with six children.

“Do you remember what she told you all through out your relationship?” He asked Snape.

“That, Albus, was twenty five years ago,” Snape said. “But I can still remember what she told me,” he pursed for a moment before continuing, “to be as mean to her as I possibility could.” He closed his eyes, took a breath and then opened them again. “She does not know how hard that is going to be for me, but I can hear her voice in my head, as clear as if she told me yesterday. I can still smell her strawberry scented hair, but most off all, I feel the touch of her soft hand on my face,” said Snape staring of into space.

He took a swig of his coffee and drained the liquid in one go. Just as he set the empty cup down another one replaced it with more hot coffee.

If Severus Snape was not aloud to get drunk until later that night (which he intended to) in the mean time he would try to get himself drunk with coffee, which unfortunately was not making him drowsy but more alert on the things that were going on around him, stupid bloody coffee he thought as he picked up the new cup and took at sip of that one.

“Awww,” said Dumbldore. “I never new you of all people were a poet.” Snape could just tell that the man had his infamous twinkle in his infamous eyes with that infamous smile.

“Shut up you old fool “ I’m not, this is what love does to you,” he waited a seconded before talking again, “and it sucks.”

Dumbldore chuckled, he was never insulted by this mans insults, he new him too well.

There was silence as none of them had much to say.

Snape took yet another shaky sip of his coffee.
“You know,” pipped up Albus as he turned to look at Severus, “if you drink too much of that, you will never sleep tonight,” Severus knew that that dam twinkle was still in his eyes.

“Ever thought that was the plan?” said Snape looking back down at the photo, as he took another sip of the coffee.

“Now, why in the world of Fudge would you do that?” Albus asked.

“Guess,” said Snape, not talking his eyes from the photo.

The headmaster’s eyes moved from where he was looking at Snape’s face, to where Snape himself was looking.

“That is a delightful picture, too bad its black and white... tell me again, why did you change your hair?” asked Dumbldore.

“She made me,” said Snape, “said it looked better that way.”

“She was right.”

Severus was about to argue back when all of a sudden the large double doors opened, and when the giant of a man stepped through, the doors slowly shut again. Every one was silent and would not in there right mind make a sound.

Suddenly a bellow rang through out the hall.

“There all most ready,” yelled Hagrid as he went walking between the tables up to where the headmaster was sitting.

Professor McGonagall just ‘bout finished with ‘em,” and although he told Dumbldore to his face, the massage rang through out the hall.

Hagrid then moved to his seat at the far end of the table.

Snape was worried sick, he was shaking from head to foot and it was not because of how much coffee he had drunk, how can one little girl have so much of an effect on me? He asked himself.

Snape was about to retreat to his chambers when he felt a firm hand on his shoulder.

He looked at the culprit to find that it was Albus.

“It will be fine,” he said.

“She will hate me, wont she?” Snape asked.

“Yes she will,” said Albus “but she has already told you that.”

The double doors opened once more and McGonagall came through followed by scared eleven year olds.

There is no turning back now Snape told himself.