Castra Concupisco by vicsend
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Disclaimer: HP universe is Not mine wish it was
Heck if it was every one would die except SS/HG lol just kidding can you guess
my fav pairing? Everyone in the HP universe belongs to the wondefull goddess
J.K. Rowling. This was just writen by me vicsend        

 Hermione coudn\'t belive she was sneaking into
Snape\'s store rooms again, But this time it even Ron and Harry didn\'t know what
she was up to. This time she really did have a good reason at least good to her.
Allthough she hadn\'t told anyone not even the boys what was going on it was just
too personal.
 \'Gods if the boys knew what I was
up to they would have me shiped off to Saint Mungo\'s faster that you
can say golden snitch.\'  she thought as she sliped into the potions
 Hermione\'s mission this time was simple she
needed six tears from a male virgin unicorn to finish the potion she was
working on. The potion in question needed to be complete before the end of next
week when she would be graduating from her seventh and final year of Hogwarts,
the place she had come to call home.
 Up in the Head Girl\'s private bathroom the
potion was on a slow simmer the tears needed to be added by 11am the next
morning then she could add the last ingredient one drop of her own blood to act
as the binding catalist in the Castra Concupisco potion. It would work for a 24
hr period. if the results she wanted were not achived by then she would have to
administer another dose to her unsuspecting victim. The infamous Potions Master
Severus Snape.
 The man had been haunting her
dreams since summer before her 6th year every night she would go to
bed and dream of his long gracefull hands playing so wonderfully over her body as thought she were a
violin and he the talented violinist, knowing just how to bring the music to a
fevored pitch.
 Sliping her wand out of her robes Hermione
started undoing all the wards Snape had placed on his private stores. When she
couldn\'t feel any more ward magic running over the door she wispered \"alahamora\"
when the door clicked open she cautiously looked inside before entering, not
seeing anyone she went in and headed to the shelf where she knew Snape kept all
the ingredients that came from unicorns.
 After measuring out the right amount of tears
and capping the vial she brought with her, Hermione placed the beaker containing
the tears back on the shelf she turned to leave and almost screamed when
she saw Severus Snape leaning on the wall next to the door she had so
recently come through his arms crossed and an evil little smirk playing on his
 \"Well Miss Granger it seems I finaly found a
way to break up the famous potter trio, although I had hoped it would be Weasley
or even Potter himself who would give me the honor\" he sneared \" Instead I
find Hogwarts own Head Girl handing her own expulsion to me on a silver
 Hermione was frozen with fear up untill the
moment he mentioned expulsion \'NO  oh god\'s No anything but that\" her mind
screamed at her \"P..P.Please sir not explusion Please\" she sobbed falling to her
knees in despair \"Please sir I\'ll do anything, anything at all please I
can\'t get expelled. I just can\'t I need to graduate to get into Stonehenge
University\" she said.  Everything Hermione had told him was true but after
seven years in the same school with Slytherins the likes of Draco Malfoy
hadn\'t taught her nothing. Infact Hermione had developed quite the slytherin
side herself and the moment Snape had said \'expulsion\' her brain went into
overdrive ploting, planing and scheming to turn this to her own advantage.
 \'Maybe I won\'t have to use the potion after
all\" she thought \'If I can just get him to think it\'s his idea... then mabey
I\'ll still get what I want and then I\'ll have somthing to hold over him so
he can\'t expell me\'
 The angle Hermione was kneeling at ment that
her robe thought it was open had covered the muggle clothing she was wearing
underneath so she shifted her position slightly making it look like she was just
nervous and fidgeting until her robe opened enough so that he could see the
short black leather mini skirt and the green lacey halter top she was wearing.
she knew it made her look sexy without going over board into sluty.

Hermione could tell he had noticed from the way he
had breathed in sharply and stood up straight no longer leaning against the
wall. She gave herself a little inward smirk at this while still letting the
tears fall \'Damn glad I took those acting lessons every summer now\' she thought
\'Just need to push him a little more\'
 \"Please sir I\'\'l do anything\" she said
getting to her feet and walking over to him. Droping to her knees again in front
of him she looked up at him with a beseaching look in her eyes knowing this gave
him a clear view down her top as well as placing her at the perfect hight to his
crotch should any way she could make this up to him er.. come up.
\"please I just can\'t get expelled if I do my life would be over I won\'t be able
to get into Stonehenge and become a Potions Mistress. Please just find some way
for me to make this up to you please!!\"
She let more tears run down her face and let out a
little sob. Droping her eyes to the floor in an act of submission.She hoped she
had pushed him far enough if not well she had other tricks up her
  \"Miss Granger tears will do you no good with
me\" he snarled \"Stonehenge is a mighty big ambition for a snivelling little
Gryffindor-know-it-all such as yourself.\" he started to circle around the young
woman kneeling placatingly in front of him \"What make\'s you think for one minute
you will ever make it at an institute such as that? I have been craving the the
destruction of your little trio for seven years.\" he said icily coming to stand
once again in front of the young woman who apeared to be trembling on her knees
at his feet \"However\" he said bending over so he was speaking directly into her
ear with his low silky whisper \"We may find another way for you to make
this up to me. If I decide not to have you expelled.\"
 At these words Hemione knew it was time to
look up at him with the look of hope on her face she knew he would be expecting.
\"Yes sir anything sir\" she said evoking a sense of astonished awe in her voice
\"Just name it sir and I\'ll do it no complaints I promise\"
 \"Fine then.\" he said with a smirk on his
face. Snape turned toward the door and with a wave of his wand locked it then
placed a silencing charm on it.
 Hermione knew she won and was going to get
what she wanted most \'Let him think he has won or you know he realy will expell
you at least untill this night is over. won\'t it shock him to know a Gryffindor
was able to play him instead\' she thought with delight. She got to her feet
while she wiped her tears off her face.
\"Come here then Miss Granger\" pointing to the floor
about a foot in front of where he was standing. When she got to the spot he had
indicated he looked her up and down \"Now Miss Granger take you robe off.\"
he said with a gleefull smirk on his face.
 \"Sir ?\" she said feigning ignorance \"I don\'t
 \"You said you would do ANYTHING didn\'t you?
Or were you lying to get out of being punished Miss Granger?\"  he hissed
 \"No sir I wasn\'t lying\" she wispered
sheepishy while her insides were squirming with delight.
 Snape swept around to stand behind her. \"Then
you will do as you\'re told\" he said in her ear, running one of his long fingers
down the length of her arm making her shiver. \"If you wish Miss granger You can
just lie back and think of England, or Stonehenge if you prefer.\" Walking back
to stand infront of her he repeated his intructions. \" Take off you robe now
Miss Granger.\"
 \"Yes sir.\" she said sliping the robe off her
shoulders exposing the sexy muggle clothing that she had worn under her robe.

 He swept up to her grabing her by the waist
wraping one arm around her pulling her in close as his lips lowered to meet
hers in a kiss that started out slow but quickly became more demanding he ran
his tongue along her bottom lip making her part her lips in a gasp taking
advantage of the opportunity he plunged into her mouth running his tongue along
her teeth and palate exploring her mouth with abandon.
His other hand slid up from her waist to gently cup
one of her amply endowed breasts lightly squeezing and kneeding it his thumb
flicking across her hard nipple making her moan into his mouth.
 Her hands had found their way to the hair at
the back of his head playing at the sensitive spot on the nape of
his neck. Their passion building quickly he pulled away from her swollen lips to
nibble and trail kisses down her neck to the hollow of her throat.
 Reaching back he unzipped the leather skirt,
slid it off her hips and raised her arms over her head to slip her shirt off,
steping back to take in the view before him \"Yes I think this will make the
perfect compensation.\" he said huskily  taking in her black silk stockings
green Suspenders, knickers and bra. (suspender\'s is a garter belt)
Claiming her lips in a crushing kiss Snape
reached down with both hands and ripped one side of Hermione\'s knickers then the
other side letting them fall to the floor. Her hands were running up and down
Snape\'s back her head thrown back in ecstasy her chest heaving from
 Snape nibbled on her ear saying in a lust
filled voice \"Take my robes off Miss Granger\" her hands shakily started
unbuttoning his robes anticipating the sight of his body. He gave a throaty
little chuckle \"I think your starting to enjoy this Miss Granger.\" he
stated  once his robes were off she started on the buttons on his shirt
then moved on to his trousers. while his hands roamed over her body caressing
and kneeding he sliped one long digit on to her warm folds feeling just how
slick and wet she was. His finger circling her hard swollen nub then sliding
deep into her, pumping in and out, his thumb gently gliding over her clit making
her moan and squirm in delight loosing all coherent thought, all that was left
was the longing and need to feel him inside of her.
 Snape deftly flicked the catch at the back of
her strapless bra releasing her breasts he pushed her back against his desk bent
over and suckled her hard nipple into his hot mouth nibbling it with his teeth
and soothing it with a tongue that was as talented as his fingers.
Hermione\'s hand winding though his silky hair, he started to kiss his way back
up her body and she bent forward to nip at his neck with her teeth then sucked
and licked her way down his chest he groaned loudly at her ministrations sliping
his hand out of her hot juices he placed his hands on her shoulders pushing her
down to her knees.
 \"Now Miss Granger you pay you\'re tuition to
Stonehenge, Open you\'re mouth.\" he commanded
 She took his engorged member into her mouth
and started licking and sucking her way up and down his large throbing shaft.
making him growl in the back of his throat. His eyes closed in bliss enjoying
the feel of her warm mouth encasing him. With one hand stroking along with the
motions of her head and mouth her other hand found his sack and she started
softly kneeding it sliding one finger back to the sensitive place behind his
balls she gently pressed eliciting another groan from him making her insides
tighten even more than they already were up too this point her wet center got
wetter every time he groaned or growled so that by now her thighs were gettting
slick from her own juices.
 His hips started rocking back and forth when
she took him deep into her mouth and the head of his penis was hitting the back
of her throat. He groaned again and pushed her away. Sweeping everything off his
desk he grabed he round her waist and lifted her up on to it. Laying her down he
took her nipple into his mouth once more.
 \"God\'s please now... mmm please I.. I need
you.. in me... ohhh God\'s.. please now now please.\" she said huskily between
moans of pleasure.
 Still licking and suckling her breast his
other hand reached for his now painfully erect member and pushed the head of it
into her wet opening grabing her hips with both hands he drove it into her with
one long hard stroke her head whiping back and forth in ecstasy.
 Snape rested for a moment letting her get use
to the feel of him inside of her then he started trusting in and out if her
tight hot wet body. Growls escaping  him as he dove in again and again
relishing in the silky tightness that surrounded him. Her body winding tighter,
spiraling higher with each thrust of his hips as he pounded into her. Untill
both were griped on the edge of the chasm of ecstasy and bliss. With one
final thrust she crashed over and felt wave after wave of pleasure wash
over her. \"Oh Severus\" she screamed his name over and over as she came, Her inner
muscles clamping down on him. The effect of her screaming his name and the
clamping of her muscles sent him crashing over the edge spilling his
hot seed into her moaning \"Hermione\" in his deep, rich, silky voice Her
muscles milking every last drop out of him as he collapsed on top of her
completely spent, breaths ragged. Sweat glistening on their bodys slowly comming
down from the best and most intense orgasm either one had ever
 When they had both finaly come back to
reality their arms wraped around each other one of her hands was lightly playing
with his hair. He disentangled himself from her standing to retrive his clothes
and handing Hermione her own He turned to her  \" I think that will pay for
the item you stole from my stores Her...Miss Granger.\" he said his voice still
sounding as husky as it had in the heights of passion making her shiver once
 \"Yes sir\" she said her head lowered,
 \"What did you take Herm..Miss Granger?\" he
 Looking up at him she said \"Um.. tears from a
male virgin unicorns sir. I.. er I needed it for a potions I was making. Um you
can have them back sir I don\'t think I need them any more.\"
 \"Oh why would that be? What potion were you
making?\"  He asked as they finished dressing. Bewildered that she no longer
needed the ingredent she found important enough to break into his private stores
 \"I was.. er I was making the Castra
Concupisco potion sir.\" she said shyly
 \"Why on earth were you making a temporary
desire potion and why don\'t you need it any more?\" he said starting to get
irritated \"Who was going to be the recipient of this potion Miss Granger?\"

 \"Well\" she said looking nevous and a little
frightened \"I was going to brew it for the one person I wanted to er.. have
sex with, make love to what ever you want to call it. But um.. I don\'t
need it any more because um... the person I was going to give it to was you
sir.\" she stated in little more than a whisper. In the quiet of the room he
heard her anyway.
 \"Well Hermione this is a surprise\" he drawled
in a silky tone walking over to her he wraped his arms around her bent his head
and claimed her lips with a scorching kiss her arms wraped around him once more
as their tongues dueled. \"Since no potion is necessary I suggest you call me
Severus but only in private.\" he said when they came up for air \"I realy
don\'t wish to hear you screaming \'professor\' in the throes of passion.\" he said
with a chuckle and a smile playing on his lips
 Hermione grinned broadly at him \"Yes sir\" she
said \"I should get back to my dorm before any one misses me\" planting one last
kiss on his lips before heading to the door.
  As she was walking out the classroom
into the hallway he called out in an icily \"Oh and Miss Granger 10 points from
Gryiffindor and detention tomorow evening a 8pm for breaking into my private
She turned with a shocked look on her face then
smiled when she saw him wink. \"Yes sir Professor Snape.\" she said pasting a
glum look on her face and walking back to Gryffindor tower. Looking forward to
detention the next day.
Hope you liked this


AN/ This had screwed up on Whispers for some reason so I had to take it down. It took me this long to upload it again due to my being quite ill for the last four weeks. My head finaly cleared up enought to figure this thing out. I would like to Thank BRIGID for My first ever review thank hun glad you liked it. Unfortunatly I loos all my reviews because I had to take the story down. I did get one flame calling this a (not exact words) piece of cliched crap. I deleeted that because I didn\'t write this for any one but myself. If you don\'t like it don\'t read or review it. I only review storys I like cause no one likes an asshole. Any spelling, Grammer or punctuation errors are all mine. For those who e-mailed me looking for the story I would like to thank you very much it was nice to hear those kind words.
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