school report by starlightdreamer052000
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Don’town harry potter.

I’vewrote a lot of depressing fic lately so I thought I’d try a funnyone. Hope you like

I gotthis crazy idea after a program last night on school reports.

HermioneGranger had just finished her last year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy and to say she couldn’t be more thankful was anunder statement. She had taken a year out to help harry killVoldermort and then returned to the school. After the war returningto hogwart seemed like a good idea. She missed Dumbledore not beingthere and had difficulty at first that snape was back as Potionsmaster after being cleared of his crimes by wizemont. She had avoidedhim when not in lessons but now she was mad.


–Ibelieve it’s your school report Miss granger.” Severus stared atthe young woman in front of him. With a pleasant sneer on his face.

–Whythe hell did you write that.”

–EverythingI said was true miss granger you have the appliacation to become agreat potions mistress but instead you feel the need to chat amostyour friens.”

–Youbloody bastard you know I always give one hundred percent toeverything how could you say such things.”

–missGranger I said what I though was best do not worry im sure any school

You desireas you are famous after all.”

–Thatnot the point. I tried hard all my academic life and now you belittlemy reputation on a school report.”

–Ahmiss granger it is just that.”

–I hateyou.”

–Nomiss granger if you hated me then what I wrote wouldn’t matter, itwould be easier if you hated me but please remember one thing.”Severus stood and move close to Hermione and whispered in her ear. –It only a school report.” And with that he was gone.