I Watched Thee by monkeycgm
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IWatched Thee

Disclaimer:I do not own any of these characters, all rights belong to JK Rowlingand her publishing company. The poem I Watched Thee is by LordByron.

AuthorsNote: This is inspired by one of my favorite poems of all time.Recently when I read it, I could not get this plot bunny out of myhead and knew I had to write about it. Read and Review. Please.

I watched thee when the foe was at ourside
Ready to strike at him, or thee and me
Were safetyhopeless rather than divide
Aught with one loved, save loveand liberty.

This would be the last the battle. Hewas sure of it. At least for him it would. He would either die tryingto protect the Potter Brat, the wizarding world’s only hope, orfinally see the Dark Lord defeated. Every Auror and member of theOrder had their wands drawn, ready to kill or be killed to protectthe world they so dearly loved.

Many should not even be there, at leastaccording to Severus’ standards. Molly had already lost two sons tothis dreaded war, she was the heart of the Order, and yet she hadbeen the most determined to fight today. Despite his attitude towardsthe other members, Molly was one person he could grudgingly admit hadhis affection. Her mothering tendencies had been forced upon him onetoo many times for him to resist her. He silently offered up aprayer, hoping there was some kind of God, hoping with every ounce inhis body that she survived unharmed. Another loss in that familywould be a tragedy, for they had already given so much, and yet everysurviving member was on the menacing battlefield, including theheavily pregnant Ginny Weasly Potter.

She too should not be here. But he hadleft the nagging and begging to others who knew her better, but theyhad been unsuccessful. She was illogically arguing that her babywould protect her from any serious harm. He hope she was right, eventhough he highly doubted such a thing was possible, because there wasa large chance that she could loose her husband by the end of thisnight, and her unborn child was another risk. If she was to looseboth, she would unlikely survive another year. Women were oftenunable to recover from such losses, and it was not uncommon forwitches to die of a broken heart if the situation was so dire.

Lastly there was Hermione Granger. Shewas quite possibly the most talented witch in this century or severalbefore, despite her lack in ancestry. In her short career, which hadbeen heavily overshadowed by the war, she had already accomplished somuch. She had solved many riddles that had long been thoughtimpossible by the Masters of Potions. He was amazed by her research,and had it not been for this bloody war, he would have loved to sharehis research with her. If time had permitted they could haveaccomplished so much, and perhaps in the unlikely event that theyboth survived, they would be able to.

Above all, Severus wanted her tosurvive, even if it meant forfeiting his only life for it to happen.It would be a shame for such a brilliant mind to be lost so early.Even if he were to live through this, he would never reveal this toher, but her had felt more affection for her in the short years sinceher graduation, than he had felt in his entire lifetime. No, he wouldnever fully experience what it would be like to relish in that love,but he would risk everything to ensure that she had a chance atfinding it. Be it with that imbecile Weasly or some man that actuallydeserved her.

Drawing his wand, he edged his waycloser to her, determined to accomplish his most important mission.Others would cover Potter, but she was important to him. In respectfor all the love he might have felt for her, he had to see that shemade it through.

I watched thee in the breakers when the rock
Receivedour prow and all was storm and fear
And bade thee cling tome through every shock
This arm would be thy bark or breastthy bier.

One more battle to determine the fateof the entire wizarding world, to protect the world that had been herhome, her refuge since the fragile age of 11, when she had enteredthe majestic hall of Hogwarts, wide eyed despite her knowledge of theplace. There she had met everyone that mattered to her today, withthe exception of her deceased parents, the noble people who stoodbeside her on this battlefield today.

Dearest of all, Harry, she had prayedfor his safety so many times. She would gladly give her life for himto live to see his son. She knew that any Order member would, but shehad always felt the need to protect him, despite the fact that hemost often save her.

She stepped in front of him as Averyapproached, quickly sending the most painful and powerful curse shecould manage, before finally sending the green sparks of deathtowards him. Her senses were heightened. She could feel her heartpumping rapidly and acutely hear every sound in the area, but shesomehow missed the footsteps of one Lucius Malfoy, as she watcheddeath spread throughout Avery’s body. She did not even know he wasnear until a distinct thud behind her, she turned only to see Snape’swand pointed directly at the spot where Malfoy lay almost dead. Hesaid the words, and the right hand man of the dark lord was dead,never to return. If only his master would fall as easily.

–Be careful. Watch your back. Killquickly and stay aware.” She heard him say, although admittedly shewas still staring at the dead bodies in front of her. –Come with meand maybe we’ll both survive this.”

–Where’s Harry, he will need ourhelp.” She shouted above the battle noises around them.

He raised his eyebrows at her comment.Damn Him, she thought how can he be so sarcastic in thissituation? –You’ve read the prophecy a hundred times MissGranger, you know as well as I do that there is little we could do tohelp him. All we can do is ensure that Voldemort’s supporters aretoo distracted to curse him from behind. The more followers we killtoday, the weaker any successive movement will become. I am sure thatMr. Potter will give everything he can to win that duel, we can onlyhope that it will be enough”

I watched thee when the fever glazed thine eyes
Yielding mycouch, and stretched me on the ground
When overworn with watching,ne\'er to rise
From thence, if thou an early grave hadstfound.

He saw the realization in her eyes asshe refocused her attention toward the task at hand. By her side hefelt stronger, and had more hope to prevent any harm from coming toher. He guided her to isolated parts of the cemetery that wasironically serving as a final battlefield, hoping it would be safer.

Together they fought off foe after foe,until they were gasping for breath and saw no one else to attack.Every surviving Death Eater was engaged in combat with some otherfighter for the Light side. Beyond the cemetery, sparks flew as Harrydueled on last time with his greatest enemy, until an explosion ofsort epic proportions rose from that area. All eyes were watchingthat scene, unsure of the victor. No one was prepared for the onefinal act of violence from a heavily bleeding BellatrixLestrange. As all eyes were fixed on that event that wouldchange the fate of their entire world, she cast the killing cursetowards the area where Hermione and Severus too were watching.

The Earthquake came and rocked the quivering wall
And menand Nature reeled as if with wine
Whom did I seek around thetottering Hall
For thee, whose safety first provide for thine.

He was almost too late pushing her outof the way, the curse spit its evilness between them, each falling tothe ground, their hands somehow entwined.

And when convulsive throes denied my breath
Thefaintest utterance to my fading thought
To thee, to thee,even in the grasp of death
My spirit turned. Ah! oftenerthan it ought.

In the second before he lostconsciousness, all Severus could think about was how he had failedher, his life was of little consequence but he had never intendingfor her to die as well. If only he could have pushed her further fromthe blast, then his death would not be in vain.

After the battle was over, Harry thevictor but hardly able to walk, the remaining Order members collectedthe bodies. Many had been lost, but tears gathered in even the moststoic of them as the viewed the tangled bodies of two of theirdearest. Unable to accept the death of such a close friend, Harry,though he was much weakened felt for a pulse on Hermione’s coolneck. It was feeble and she was not far from death, but the observerswere heartened to know that there was some possibility of survival.In hope they tried Severus’ too. His was even fainter, but heseemed determined, even at the edge to live. Both were quicklyapparated to the hospital wing at Hogwarts, where they would no doubtreceive better care from the doting mediwitch who had treated themboth since childhood.

Thus much and more, and yet thoulov\'st me not,
And never wilt, Love dwells not in our will
Norcan I blame thee, though it be my lot
To strongly, wrongly,vainly, love thee still.

Months later, she was the first toawaken. At first she was unsure of her location, for surely heavenwas not a hospital, and there was no way she could have survived thatblast. Her only regret was that Severus had deflected some of theblow. He was a brilliant man who deserved to enjoy a life after hismany years’ service. Better her to die than him, but it seemed thatthey were together, although she could not be sure if it was dead oralive.

It had been four tiresome weeks sinceshe had awoken, and finally she had gained enough strength to make itto the chair next to his bedside. Here she could view his bodybetter, for he still lay in an unending coma almost six months afterthe final battle. She had to see him. Had to thank him even if therewas no way he could hear her. She slipped her had in his immobile oneand began to pour her heart out.

She told him how she had alwaysrespected him. How, despite his teasing, she had admired him forpushing her harder. How her experiences in his class had led her tochoose Potions as a career path. How she had dreamed apprenticingunder him but had been too afraid to ask. How she had wanted to workwith him in the future, and finally how thankful she was for what hehad done for her. Once she had finished, she sat at the bedside andcried until there were no more tears.

She only moved when she heard anapproaching noise. Thinking it was Madame Pomfrey, she limpedhurriedly towards her bed, hoping to not be found out of her bed asshe had been ordered not to. As it turned out it was not MadamePomfrey at all, but Ron who had finally been allowed to visit. Shehugged him and planted kisses all over his face, happy to see himalive and well. It was not romantic affection that motivated herreaction to him, but friendly, which he knew as he happily, acceptedher silly kisses.

From a bed close by, Severus Snapefinally awakened, overjoyed to hear the laughter of a witch hethought dead. As he raised his head to take in the scene around him,his heart broke as he watched the affection she shared with Ron. Thedreams he knew were impossible would never come true, not when shecould be so happy with another. His only consolation was that he hadprotected her enough to be able to experience the love he never had.She deserved to be happy, even if he was doomed to a life ofunhappiness.