Sometimes the best things come in small packages by ancientgir
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I hope you all enjoy this. I\'ll have more coming soon.

All canon characters belong to JKR.

Thank you to June for all of her suggestions and help in filling some holes.

Chapter 1 “ When good potions go wrong

At barely five minutes past nine o’clock in the morning, they were still late, and Ron and Harry practically skidded into their class. They, along with Hermione and Neville were in their fourth and final year of university studies. While things had been quiet in the years they had graduated, the war was still looming. The Horcruxes had been found just after their sixth year, but Voldemort was still alive and in hiding. Professor Albus Dumbledore “ who was no longer in hiding “ had convinced them all to continue their education, in hopes of their learning something to help them finally defeat the Dark Lord.

On this particular day, the fourth year Potions students were to brew a very complex potion. It needed to be prepared in the presence of an accredited Potions master with at least twenty years experience teaching. Since their professor went into labor two months early last night and her healers were trying to stop the labor by keeping her in bed, there was only one such Potions master available on short notice. Much to Harry and Ron’s dismay, that person was Severus Snape. Hogwarts’ resident Potions master and former Order spy had been asked “ no, he’d been begged to come and fill in for the supervision of that day’s brewing. The news had filtered up to their dorms, so Harry and Ron walked into the Potions classroom late and full of excuses. Severus was already angry at having to go outside the boundaries of the castle. Not only had he been in his labs working on a potion that might help in Voldemorts final defeat, but he was a marked man amongst the Dark Lords followers.

Not only had Severus spent a tiring evening the day before, but he was also none too pleased at having his services volunteered by Headmaster Dumbledore. He didn’t even bother to let the boys finish their explanations. He angrily motioned for them to take their seats, and then turned to the front board. With a few flicks and swirls of his wand, the students’ assignment was written on the front board.

“According to your professor’s notes, this potion will count for one-fourth of your final grades, which,” Severus looked around the room, “will therefore determine whether or not you have learned enough to earn a potions rating on your graduation certificates.”

He let a short pause go by, then spoke again.

“All of you would be wise to take your time with this potion. If brewed correctly, it allows one to age backwards and physically become a child again for two hours, yet with intact memories; this particular formula will make the drinker approximately six years old.”

He glared at Ron and Harry, who didn’t look sufficiently frightened to him.

“Anyone hoping to become an Auror should be aware of this potion for its ability to disguise the identity of a criminal “ or a kidnapping victim.”

That got everyone’s attention.

“You must be careful and above all precise. Adding too much or too little of any ingredient will cause the brew to become unstable, and the potion’s imbibers will be child-sized indefinitely. If they remain in child form for more than several days, then their thoughts will begin to revert to children’s thoughts as well as logic. They will eventually forget who they are and henceforth age normally “ as six-year-olds. The counter-potion for this takes approximately seven days to brew. So, as you can see, you would be taking quite a chance on even being able to return to your present form, since you will each drink your own potion in this class. Begin.”

Snape sat at his desk, leaving the students to gather their ingredients. Taking out some notes he’d been studying for a potion that he was developing, he didn’t notice the panicked look Ron had on his face.

The reason Ron and Harry had been late, was because they spent the previous evening going from club to club in Muggle London. Between drinking on their own and drinking with several university-attending witches, they’d barely made it back to their dorm rooms before dawn. Harry, however, had spent most of the week studying, whereas Ron spent most of his week reading the new Quidditch monthly. Even Neville seemed to look as though he knew what he was doing.

The potion the professor had written on the board was one that Ron recognized from the list of those he should have studied. He recalled the name, and remembered commenting to Harry what a pain it would be to have to grow up all over again.

And so here Ron was, gathering ingredients and placing them in front of his cauldron to create the Adulescens Denuo spell. To say he was nervous was an incredible understatement. He could literally feel the sweat pouring down his back and slowly seeping down the crack of his ass. ‘Not good, not good at all’, he thought.

Half an hour into the brewing process, Snape had walked past the students’ cauldrons several times, and Ron was now drenched in sweat. He could feel the streams of sweat running down his back. At the most critical stage of the potion, Ron couldn’t stand it anymore. He needed to cool himself somehow, but a cooling charm could destabilize the potion. Noticing a stray piece of parchment next to him, he quickly picked it up, then began to fan himself. Suddenly his cauldron began to bubble. When he’d picked up the loose piece of parchment, he failed to realize that there had been some small clove buds on it, and as he fanned himself those buds had fallen into his brew. While the potion’s ingredients included clove buds, Ron had unknowingly added an extreme amount, making the solution unstable.

Severus looked up from the other side of the room and immediately saw the loudly bubbling potion.

“Get out, all of you, now!” he yelled. Everyone gathered their books and fled. Severus took his wand and approached the boiling cauldron; a responsible Potions master wouldn’t leave until all cauldrons were under control.

As he was about to cast a stability charm on Ron’s cauldron, Hermione ran back into the classroom. She’d realized after she ran out that her wand was still on her desk, and she went back to retrieve it.

“Miss Granger!” Snape yelled, but with his attention diverted by the potion, it was too late for him to fully protect her.

Ron’s unfinished potion blew up and splattered all over both of them, and the cauldron itself flew into the air. Smoke filled the entire room, and the room’s wards automatically sealed the doors to contain the fumes. The classroom was setup with automatic fans, which would filter the fumes and clear the air. After about five minutes, the room was clear.

Severus dazedly began to gather his faculties. He heard someone coughing and remembered that Hermione had entered the room before the cauldron blew up. He’d only had a second to cool the unstable boiling potion so that it didn’t burn them, but judging by the bump on his head, he’d been hit by the flying cauldon.

“Miss Granger?” he called out, his voice sounding small, and his eyes searching the room. He managed to stand, but as he started to walk before he nearly tripped over his robes, which were now very, very long. He looked down at himself, patted his body and realized he was … “oh no,” smaller. Again he heard a coughing, and he looked towards the corner of the room.

There she was: a very confused, very small Hermione Granger.

“What happened?” she asked in a child’s voice.

“I’ll give you one guess,” he said dryly.

Her eyes opened wide and she gasped. She looked to the now six-year-old Potions master.

“Professor Snape?” she asked.

He rolled his eyes.

“Of course it’s me, you silly girl.” He stopped, thinking his words just didn’t have the same effect coming out of a six-year-old’s mouth. He threw his hands in the air and sat on the floor.

“Do you think the instability of the potion will render the time we are like this indefinitely?” asked Hermione, as she gathered her robes up and walked towards him, grabbing her wand along the way.

Severus nodded.

“Yes, I’m sure of it. In addition, we seem to have breathed the fumes for several minutes, and I don’t know exactly what Weasley did wrong with his potion. I need to get out of here and back to my lab at Hogwarts. It’s imperative that I begin brewing the counter-potion for us, or else we’ll be stuck like this; if our memories begin to be affected, I doubt your professor will be able to help us from her own bed at St. Mungo’s. And I’ll tell you one thing, I am not going through puberty again.” Severus got up and turned to leave the room in his usual manner. Too bad his robes were too long to billow. His legs got tangled and he wound up falling on his face.

Hermione ran to him as he looked up at her.

“When this is all over, remind me to kill Mr. Weasley.”


Well there it is. I do recall reading before a few fics in which someone is either sent back in time or accidentally turned into a baby, but I hadn\'t read one in which something like this happened. I thought it would be fun to put a different spin on it.

The spell that went awry is Adulescens Denuo - Young again. I took the translation from an online Latin dictionary, so forgive me if it isn\'t correct.