Sometimes the best things come in small packages by ancientgir
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Thank you once again to all of you who have taken the time to read an review this story. When I started it I had hoped it would be a fun story to write and present you all with. I\'m very happy you are enjoying reading this as much as I\'m enjoying writing it.

All canon characters belong to JKR. I\'m not making diddly.

Thanks as always to June. Without her help, this would be a mess of run on sentences and misplaced commas.

Chapter 16 “ Deconstructing Voldemort, Potions Master Style

By the time Lucius showed up at Hogwarts, Severus and Hermione were ready. He knocked on the door of Severus’ rooms and saw no one in front of him when the door opened.

“Hello, Lucius,” said Hermione’s small voice.

Lucius looked down and smiled.

“Reliving your childhood yet again, I see,” Lucius said as he walked in with an amused look on his face. He knew that if Hermione was a child again, so was Severus.

As Lucius was placing his cloak on the couch, Severus came out of the bedroom. He wore a smaller version of his signature black frock coat and slacks, but he also had something else. He wore some sort of a belt.

“Severus, what are you wearing?” asked Lucius.

Hermione immediately turned her attention from some notes she’d made the night before and looked at Severus.

“What in the world?” Hermione walked up to Severus and looked at him. “Where on earth did you get that holster? And why are you wearing it?”

“I saw a picture in one of the books we were reading at headquarters. I Transfigured one of my belts. I can’t very well be crawling around those tunnels in the Dark Lord’s estate and holding a water pistol at the same time, can I?” said Severus defensively.

“Water pistol?” asked Lucius, now very curious.

Severus turned to him and smiled. He took his toy gun out of its holster and showed it to Lucius. The quintessential little boy showing off his new toy. The modified Adulescens Denuo potion was stronger than the original one he and Hermione were doused with. They would have stronger moments of childlike qualities mixed with their adult mannerisms and thoughts this time around.

“Lucius, it’s ingenious! You see,” Severus said as he showed Lucius the small hole through which the potion was poured. “This part is supposed to hold water, but Hermione and I have filled it with the potion for the Dark Lord. We don’t even need to get that close to him, just make sure we have an open shot at him.”

Lucius nodded his approval and sat down. They waited for Albus to alert them that the Aurors and Order members were all ready. The previous evening, Albus had placed a tracer spell on Lucius. As soon as Lucius Apparated to Voldemort’s estate, the rest of the Order and some Aurors would be able to locate him and follow him there.

As the three walked out of Severus’ rooms they were met by Harry.

“I’m sorry I’m a bit late. I forgot my Invisibility Cloak, I had to go back for it.” Harry looked down at Hermione and handed it to her, then he looked at the little boy next to her with a bit of confusion.

“Um…Professor Snape, why do you look like Wyatt Earp?”

Severus puffed out his chest and raised his chin, then walked away as though he had just been proclaimed king of the world. Hermione rolled her eyes as they all followed.

They reached the gates and made a few final plans.

“Harry, I need to place you in the Body Bind now. It will be tight, but easy to break free from.” Lucius pointed his wand at Harry, who didn’t flinch when black ropes began to wind around his body. Unlike Ron, Harry did trust Lucius. He realized long ago that what you saw on the surface wasn’t necessarily what was beneath the skin.

“Lucius,” Harry said as he looked at Lucius. “I never had a chance to tell you how sorry I was for Draco’s and your wife’s death. We never got along, Draco and I, but I think if he had lived we might have become very good friends.”

Lucius’ eyes watered slightly. “Thank you, Harry.”

They stood quietly for a few moments. Severus and Hermione draped themselves with Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, and they then held on to Lucius’ own cloak. Lucius looked at Harry, who nodded he was ready. Then they Apparated away.

They arrived on a hill, just below Tom Riddle’s estate. They walked a short distance and reached the gates, which opened automatically for Lucius. As they drew closer, the house’s solid oak front door opened and a fellow Death Eater came out.

“You’re late, Lucius,” growled the Death Eater.

Lucius looked at the man and pointed his wand towards him. On the ground where the man had stood was now a large wooden clock.

“He wishes to keep time, let him do so now.”

Harry smiled as he heard disembodied giggling coming from behind them. They all entered the home, but before the door shut, Lucius muttered a spell. The door closed but the latch didn’t come down. The door would open easily for anyone coming in behind them, including the Order. He then pointed towards a corner where there was a large vase.

“That vase is the entrance to the tunnels. Be careful, the both of you. Nagini is no doubt slithering about,” said Lucius.

“We’ll try to be as quick as possible,” Severus was heard to say, as the sounds of two sets of footsteps faded towards the vase.

Lucius then bound Harry’s legs and levitated him. As he walked to the throne room, Harry’s body followed floating just a few inches above the ground. When Lucius entered the room finally, everyone stopped and turned to look at him. As soon as they saw who was behind him, they moved aside and allowed him to walk towards Voldemort.

“I was prepared to cause you a fairly large amount of pain for being late, Lucius. But I see why you have been detained.” Voldemort smiled and his red eyes glittered with malice.

“My lord, I bring you, a gift.” Lucius bowed slightly then moved a struggling Harry forward.

“I knew I couldn’t trust you, you bastard!” he spat towards Lucius.

“Now, now, Mr. Potter, can I help it if all Gryffindors are gullible?” said Lucius.

Voldemort laughed as he saw Harry struggling.

“And just how did you lure our Harry here into your web, Lucius?” asked Voldemort.

“Why, I merely told him that I knew where his little girlfriend was. He really is as dumb as he looks.” Lucius and Voldemort laughed as Harry scowled.

“Enough pussyfooting around.” Voldemort approached Harry and licked his cheek. “You’ll enjoy this, Harry. You see, I am about to become the most powerful wizard of all time. Lucius is going to help me by sticking his cock inside your little girlfriend.” Voldemort pointed towards Ginny. Before Harry could say anything, Voldemort backhanded him across the mouth, forcefully enough to draw blood.

“Physical violence is such a primitive way to achieve one’s goals, Harry. But sometimes it’s so pleasant.” Harry’s eyes blazed as Voldemort licked his blood off his bony fingers. Voldemort looked at Lucius before he raised his wand, and the roof of the estate disappeared, along with the second and third floors, so they could see the waning moon. He then spoke the incantation that would soon rob Ginny of her magic. “It is time, Lucius.” Voldemort turned and walked up the steps of the altar.

Lucius gave Harry a nervous glance and walked behind the Dark Lord. He stood next to the altar looking down at Ginny.

“She is a lovely creature, my Ginny. She can hear us, you know,” said Voldemort.

‘No, I’m not your girl, I’m not!’ screamed Ginny within the confines of her mind.

Lucius’ eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She would be aware of everything he was doing to her.

“I want to hear her scream.” Voldemort turned away and walked down the steps. He looked over his shoulder to Lucius. “Now, Lucius. Take her now.”

Ginny was struggling to move. She tried to find her voice but couldn’t form words. All she could manage were barely audible whimpering noises. As Lucius removed his cloak, he looked at her face. She looked calm, almost serene, but for her eyes. He could see her pupils moving rapidly. He looked down the platform and saw Voldemort as well as the many other Death Eaters all looking at him.

Meanwhile, Severus and Hermione were making their way to the throne room, which was as larger than the Great Hall at Hogwarts, via the tunnels. They’d gotten lost several times, once while trying to avoid Nagini.

“Hermione, it’s this way. I hear the Dark Lord.” Severus and Hermione were shuffling as fast as they could.

“I think I hear Nagini coming back, Severus.”

“Shit!” They doubled their efforts and finally reached what looked to be the end of the tunnel. Severus slowly moved towards the edge of the opening. There were several Death Eaters standing in front of the opening. He turned and made a gesture to Hermione.

“Shhh…” He waved her to come closer to him. They draped the Invisibility Cloak over themselves and climbed out of the tunnel.

“Severus, I can’t see anything,” whispered Hermione as she tried to look over the Death Eaters in front of them.

Severus hopped up and down, attempting to see if he could catch a glimpse of what was happening ahead of them.

“Damn this six-year-old body,” cursed Severus. He grabbed Hermione by the hand and they began to make their way through the crowd. They counted on the crowd being so enthralled by what was happening at the head of the room, that they would go unnoticed. Hopefully the Death Eaters would assume that what was brushing against them was their lord’s familiar and not feel the need to look down to see; none of them liked looking at Nagini that close.

As Severus and Hermione moved among the crowd, trying desperately to reach the front, Lucius positioned himself above Ginny. He carefully pushed the white gown she wore up so that her thighs were exposed.

“Ginny,” he whispered, so that no one else could hear him. “Ginny, if you can hear me, I’m so sorry for what I am about to do. We’re going to get out of this, Ginny. We all are, and when we do, I only hope that you can forgive me.”

Lucius concentrated on his own body. It was difficult for him to become aroused knowing what was happening around him. If Severus and Hermione didn’t reach Voldemort in time, then Ginny’s magic would begin to react to Lucius ministrations. If that happened, Lucius knew he would have to fight his way out of there with Ginny in his arms. If that happened, he had no doubt that they would both ultimately die.

Voldemort raised his arms and looked into the crowd.

“The time is here, my followers. I shall so become as god!” He turned his head slightly and shouted over his shoulder. “Take her, Lucius!”

Lucius lifted Ginny’s hips and positioned her on his lap, and then he placed his weeping cock against her entrance.

“Forgive me, Ginny,” he said then slammed into her.

Ginny let out a scream as a shocked Lucius looked down at a laughing Voldemort.

“How do you like my surprise, Lucius? I restored her virginity for you. I know how much you like to make them bleed.”

Lucius stared down at Ginny’s face. Tears were streaming from her still closed eyes and he could see her struggling to speak.

At that moment, Severus and Hermione finally reached the front of the crowd. Within seconds the room began to fill with a soft wind that began to increase second by second.

“This is it, Hermione! Now!” yelled Severus, then they both removed the cloak which kept them from being noticed. As they became visible the Death Eaters advanced forward towards Voldemort, hoping to experience the magic moving with the wind.

In that movement of the crowd, Severus was shoved to one side and Hermione pushed towards Voldemort.

“What’s this?” Voldemort looked down and caught Hermione by the arm.

Harry, who had been waiting for his friend and ex-professor to show up, wrestled himself out of the ropes he was bound in. As they dropped to the ground he took hold of his wand, only to be knocked unconscious by Voldemort, who was quicker than him.

“No, get your hands off of me!” yelled Hermione. “Severus! Severus!”

Voldemort lifted her roughly and looked into her eyes.

“What did you say?” Voldemort said as he looked around the room.

Severus tried to make his way back to the front of the room, but the crowd of Death Eaters became too thick. He heard Hermione calling to him, he needed to hurry.

Voldemort looked behind him and saw Lucius pull out of Ginny and begin to gather her in his arms. His eyes narrowed as he realized he’d been deceived. He dropped Hermione roughly on the floor and kicked her to one side. Hermione lifted herself slightly and crawled towards Harry’s body. In her six-year-old body, she couldn’t use most magic, so she had to try to wake Harry through normal means.

“I trusted you above all others, Lucius.” Voldemort slowly began to ascend the steps, making his way towards Lucius who was holding Ginny possessively. “Yes, that’s it, take your little whore into your arms. Hold her close, Lucius, so that you may both die together.” Voldemort raised his wand but was distracted by a crashing sound coming from behind him. Aurors were making their way through the crowd of Death Eaters. He looked back to Lucius, who was still holding Ginny.

“Before I kill you Lucius, tell me one thing.”

“What?” asked Lucius through gritted teeth.

“Where is Severus?”

Severus made his way through the crowd. He took his water pistol from its holster, and then glanced at Hermione. She cradled Harry’s head in her lap and nodded to him. Severus extended his arm and walked up the steps, toward Voldemort.

“Severus is right behind you,” said Lucius as he grinned.

As though moving in slow motion, Voldemort turned but saw nothing.

“Down here, you twisted fuck.” Severus lifted the pistol, and as Voldemort looked down he pressed the trigger and fired, hitting his target right between the eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I\'ve got another one in the works. Thanks for reading.