Between 3 Enemies by slbunnies
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Title - Between 3 Enemies
Author - slbunnies
Pairing(s) - Harry/Snape, Draco/Harry, Draco/Snape, Draco/Harry/Snape
Rating - NC17 or X
Warning(s)- Slash, BDSM, Non-Con, BJ, Anal, Blood-Play, angst!draco (sometimes), and just plain ANGST!
Summary - Draco notices Harry and Snape looking at each other in a passionate way during class, and decides to do something about it. He tries to find out more, remove Snape from teaching, seduce Harry, and winds up way over his head.
Disclaimer - Things including the characters and the magical world of Harry Potter aren\'t mine. I wish Draco was though. Any characters made up by me, are infact mine. No, you may not sue me, for there is no reason to, as I am not profiting from this.
AN - This will be continued later on in the future, as I am still working on my TTN (Through the Night) fic, whihc is less angsty. Infact, I don\'t even like angst, but I\'ve been told I write it really well. I feel so sad for Draco in this one, I hate it when he\'s sad.

Chapter 1: Part 1: Façade:

His hair fell around his face, overcrowding the exquisiteness of his features, allowing only a fragment of his ashen, insipid skin to show through the curled locks that constantly looked so greasy, but were in fact silken. Looking up from his potions volume to make sure all was well with the class, you noticed the cavernous puddles of ink that were his eyes, gazing keenly into your own. A sneer of repugnance formed as usual, and your commonly amiable face emulated a comparable one. You went along with your work lackadaisically, as he went along with reading his book. Even though he never read a word of it, everyone deduced that he was caught up in its pages. I observed though, your subtle glances towards him. And when those emerald jewels that seemed adorned on your face, past swiftly beyond mine, taking no notice in how I perceived everything, an identifying thought passed through my head as your eyes flickered with some kind of passion for the man sitting at the front desk. Your usual battle between each other was a charade. I knew because I acted the same way when I was around you and thought you weren’t looking. The mask you held dearly in front of your unaware face was still in position. But, no matter how greatly I did not want to, I could see through it all, through your façade.

Pondering alone in my room, I try to look at a few things in your perspective. I struggle to see Severus Snape in a new way, but can only see him in the manner I usually distinguish him as…my Godfather. When I close my eyes, all I see are yours. Dancing brightly in my mind, the shimmer of vivacity radiating from them as if I haven’t even sealed out the daylight in my room with my eyelids. I shake my head and try to concentrate, but I can only see you, there is no different way I can see that man. Sighing out my defeat, I go back to daydreaming. Tanned olive skin enters my mind, along with your chaotic raven-black hair. It seems I can’t escape you anywhere I go, even in my own mind.

Exhausted from Quidditch practice I walk down the hallways through the dungeons, seeking out the comfort of the portrait to the ‘Snake’s Pit’, or so I’ve heard you and your Gryffindor friends call my only real home. Nearing the glossy, dark painting, I hear sounds leading down the hallway from the Potion’s classroom, so I turn on my heel and instead head in that direction. As I throw open the door, the sight I see is intolerable to my mind. I throw my hand over my mouth to muffle my gasp, and I allow my silver-blonde hair to block my eyes as much as it would like, for this is a sight I would have been most pleased to not have witnessed. Hearing the moans of your elation, my stomach feels queasy as your passion fills the room. I sink down to the floor, bring my knees up to my chest, and cover my head with my arms. Knowing you are only a few feet away having sexual relations with him…the older man I used to be rather fond of…I shudder and start to rock my body back and forth in a reassuring manner

Once you are satiated, my angelic demon, you fall against his body as I peer through the cracks of my fingers and the spaces between my bangs. Again, I feel as if I’m about to vomit. Your sweat-slicked skin is sticking to each other while your legs are intertwined. And, you’re lying atop him, panting heavily as you try and catch your breath. I feel tears begin, threatening to overflow and slither past my eyelashes. Blinking, still hoping what I’m seeing is some horrifying nightmare, they do what they were meant to and splash down my cheeks to my utter dismay. There is one thing I haven’t done previously. Never in my life have I cried. This is what you do to me.

My whimpers cause you both to look for the derivation of the sound. When you see me curled up into a ball on the floor I feel ashamed and humiliated. Have I already explained that I have never cried? If not, I’d like this to be a reminder of that fact. Severus, which is what I usually call him by, or more informally Sev, which I know I can’t now or ever call him, doesn’t seem shocked at seeing me here, which I later find to be rather frightening and suspicious. On the other hand, you appear significantly stunned and self-conscious as well. You try to cover yourself quickly, an action that I normally would have hoped you wouldn’t act upon, but under these circumstances looked forward to you completing this menial task more rapidly.

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