Snape\'s Undying Love by Fire
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Title: Snape’s Undying Love

Rating: PG

Summary: When Severus bring a child to the dark lord. It ends badly for Voldemort and puts an end to a life, as it allows a new one to continue.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Warning: Two character deaths

Dumbledore watched as Severus left Hogwarts with a child that he had no idea belonged to him. Voldemort had ordered Hermione Granger’s son to be brought before him, so that he could kill him. Voldemort thought that the baby was Harry’s, but he was wrong. He hoped that Severus could live with himself, when he found out the truth.

Ten minutes later, Hermione left, her black cloak whipping in the wind. He knew that she wanted her child back and would use her wit to find him. He admired that in her and wished her luck in her quest. Meanwhile for Severus, he had arrived at the spot that Voldemort wanted to meet. All of his Deatheaters were there, all laughing at the baby.

“ I’ve see you you’ve brought the Potter brat!” said Voldemort.

“ Yes, master,” said Severus.

Voldemort motioned Severus to place the boy on the alter. As Voldemort raised the knife, Severus heard a scream unlike anything that he had heard. He turned to see Hermione running towards the group.

“ The baby is not Harry’s, it’s yours!” Hermione screamed. “ Don’t let Voldemort kill your son!”

Voldemort motioned for several Deatheaters to catch her and they did without any problem. Hermione kicked and screamed, begging for Severus to stop this. At once something hit him. He reached into her mind and at once knew the truth. The baby was his. He ran towards Voldemort and grabbed the baby, holding it tightly.

“ You fool!” Voldemort snarled. “ Give me that child!”

“ No!” said Severus. “ Let me raise it, let me teach it to be a proper Deatheater.”

“ I will not!” snarled Voldemort. “ That child is a danger to us all.”

Voldemort commanded his Deatheaters to grab Severus and pull the child from him. However they couldn’t get his arms loose, he just had too much of a hold on the child.

“ Please not my son, I’ve given you everything, but please not my son!”

“ Stand aside, you silly fool…stand aside, now.”

“ Not my son, please no, take me, kill me instead-”

Voldemort laughed at him, the high cold laugh that he had heard plenty of times.

“ Please not my son! Please…have mercy…have mercy.”

Voldemort raised his wand and said the words that would bring an end to Severus’s life. Hermione screamed as the curse hit him. He fell down, looking sadden and shocked. Then Voldemort raised his wand one more time. However the curse rebounded upon him and with a scream, he was nothing, but ashes.

Hermione was let go at once and the Deatheaters fled into the night. Hermione magicked a stretcher and lifting Severus up, who was still holding onto their son, she placed him on it, and then pulling their son out of his arms, the saddest sight in the world disappeared from sight. When Hermione arrived back at the school, dinner was in full swing. She covered his head and then entered the Great Hall.

Everyone stopped eating when they saw Hermione leading the stretcher between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables. The Gryffindors saw her lost face, her face that was full of sadness. She walked up to the staff table and then turned to face the rest of the school.

“ Severus Snape is dead!” Hermione announced. “ And so is Lord Voldemort!”

The school cheered, but Hermione didn’t know if they were cheering because Severus was dead or Voldemort. Hermione held her son, tightly, tears rolling down her face. And then that’s when she saw a slash across his cheek. It wasn’t a lightening scar, but she knew that her child was bounded by what Voldemort had done and what Voldemort would always be remembered in doing.

And now, as she watched James Snape go off to Hogwarts for the first time, she could still remember that night, as though it happened yesterday. She could still see the courage in his eyes as he faced Voldemort as himself, and not as the spy that he had been for as long as she could remember.

“ Are you all right?” asked her husband, Remus.

“ I’m fine, just old memories,” Hermione whispered, a single tear going down her cheek. “ Just old shadows. Come on, I’ve got to get lunch ready.”

And Hermione and Remus Lupin, with their nine-year old daughter left the station and disappeared from sight.

The End

A/N: I hope that you enjoyed this one-shot and that I did the corrections to the best of my ability. R/R and please don’t flame.