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Reviewer: Lady_Slater Anonymous Date: 29 March 2006 - 12:00AM Title: None

I\'m not really sure how a review should go, this is my first one. I have enjoyed all the stories I have read of yours. This story is well written, as all your stories have been. Severus would do something like this, even to Hermoine (did I spell that right?). He is not the most gentle of people and is just employing his usual \"teaching\" style to drive home the point that she doesn\'t need to get careless just because Voldemort is gone. Although it has very little lemony goodness to it (I do realise that lemons in this story are as appropriate as lemons in oatmeal) it was still an enjoyable piece of snarky-fluffiness. Is that even possible? :) Keep up the good stories and tasty lemonade. Many thanks from someone whose only talent (when it comes to fanfic) is reading about a snarky potions master . Lady_Slater